How Can I Customise My Predator Football Boots

by Sam

Do you have a pair of adidas Predator football boots, and you’re bored of the colour. And you’d love to customise them to your own design? Then keep reading and I’ll give you some tips along the way, as well as some great customising ideas.

Blacking Out My Football Boots

You may have seen some footballers wearing completely black boots, Sergio Ramos for example. These are called ‘Blackouts’. Which are becoming increasingly popular.

If you want to Blackout your boots, then it’s quite simple. You can do it yourself with the right products, or send them to a specialised company which you can find online.


Here are a pair of adidas Predator Mania Blackouts. Where the whole boot, except the adidas logo on the tongue and heel has been blacked out.


If you decide to black out the boots yourself, make sure you’re careful; you can easily mess up your boots by not following the basic instructions.

I have included a video below on how to blackout a pair of football boots which I strongly suggest you watch if you decide to take on the task.

Of course, the other alternative is to send your football boots to a online company and they’ll black them out for you.

Customising Predator Football Boots

So you’ve got an idea of how customising football boots work. But does it only apply to Blackouts? The answer is no. You can customise your boots to any colour you want. White, gold, blue, red, you name it.

Here is another video I found online which shoes how you can customise your boots to a certain colour:

Pretty awesome, huh? If you don’t want to change the colour of the whole boot, then cut out and apply some masking / paper tape to the areas you don’t want to paint / spray.

Customised Adidas Predator Football Boots

I have included some pictures of unique adidas Predator customised designs, as well as a few personal favourites.

Predator Mania:


Predator Precision:










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