Explore all the adidas Predators for sale from all over the world in once place. This marketplaces contains adidas Predators sold by sellers from across many countries globally via eBay.

This is the best place to find your dream pair of adidas Predator, whether you’re going to wear them in your next important game, or want to add to your Predator Collection.

We have limited this marketplace for the 1st tier edition of the adidas Predator Collection. So you have guarantee that there will be no fakes listed.

Each adidas Predator pair will be vetted by us, so there won’t be endless strolling through 2nd tier / fake Predators to find a classic pair.

The Predators listed here will be limited to: Predator Cup, Predator Rapier, Predator Touch, Predator Accelerator, Predator Precision, Predator Mania, Predator Pulse, Predator Absolute, Predator Powerswerve, Predator X, Predator adiPower, Predator LZ, the remakes, and the latest top Tier Predators released by adidas.

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